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Cody and Type 1 Diabetes

My mission, with the help from my dog Cody, is to help children better understand their Diabetes in 

words and in photographs that they can relate to in a positive way.

 On September 3, 1993 at the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and my life was forever changed.  I will never forget the feelings I had of being overwhelmed and scared. I have made it my mission, with the help from Cody, to help every scared, overwhelmed, and confused child that has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. When someone, especially a child, is given a diagn​osis of Diabetes this can bring about feelings that are hard to understand or verbally explain. This made me see a need to use my graduate degree in Early Childhood Special Education to write a book for children to explain Type 1 Diabetes in an appropriate age and development level for them to understand. 

Cody King

Cody is a Shih Tzu Maltese Mix that was adopted into my family 13 years ago.  He has spent every one of these years supporting me and helping me through every blood sugar testing, insulin injection, glucose sensor change, insulin pump site change, emotional roller coaster of blood sugar highs/lows, and so much more. Even though Cody does not have Diabetes, he is the perfect partner to help comfort and encourage children with their own struggles with Diabetes.

 Cody and His Type 1 Diabetes, begins with Cody not feeling well. He’s thirsty, sleepy, and has to go to the potty a lot. The vet tells Cody he has Type 1 Diabetes and needs to take insulin and check his blood sugar levels. At first, Cody is scared but he listens and does what the vets tells him to do and starts to feel better. Cody is a brave, healthy, and happy puppy and learns he can still have fun!

Cody and Type 1 Diabetes, is a 12 page coloring book that continues to tell Cody's story.  The photographs and story take Cody from symptoms to diagnosis and then getting his insulin pod and glucose monitor. Cody loves his insulin pod and glucose monitor and is proud to wear them. He is a brave, happy, and healthy puppy that can still have fun!

Cody and His Type 1 Diabetes: Cody Gets an Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor

Cody shows how easy it is to use an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor in the second book in the series. The photographs show Cody wearing his insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor while he is playing in the snow, taking a bath, playing with his best friend Sammie, and napping.  Children with Type 1 Diabetes can easily relate to Cody and he teaches them to feel proud and happy wearing their new equipment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Mom I like this book, Cody is just like me and you and I'm happy with that."  Riley, diagnosed April 2012, age 7

"I think Cody is so cute and I just love him and am so happy that the medicine makes him feel better so he can play." Addison, age 4

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